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NATA Accredited Paternity Tests and DNA Testing in Australia

An Australian owned company, easyDNA Australia offers you fast and affordable home DNA testing that is highly accurate, reliable and confidential. Our DNA tests are conducted with state of the art equipment and are competitively priced. Our laboratory is both NATA and ISO 17025 accredited for your assurance.

As recently seen on Channel Seven's popular drama, Home and Away, easyDNA Australia was selected as the trusted DNA testing company to feature in their dramatic DNA paternity test storyline. Click here to watch the scenes on YouTube.

Home and Away featuring easyDNA

Once your order has been placed for your test our DNA testing kit will normally be dispatched to you the same day by express post and is received in only 1-3 business days depending on where you live in Australia. Your kit also includes a paid return express post envelope for your samples.   easyDNA is the only Company in Australia offering this free express return service.   Your kit can also be collected in person from one of our offices with prior arrangement and once your case number has been allocated.

Our accredited paternity test for alleged father and child is priced at only $295 with results in only 5-7 working days. This price is all inclusive and includes the paternity test kit sent by express post, sample analysis and the test report confirming your results. All of our tests are analysed using sixteen genetic markers. We also offer a highly accurate non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

With offices based in both Sydney and Brisbane, easyDNA is your local DNA test provider and offers you fast and efficient DNA testing services anywhere in Australia including Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Our DNA testing lab is an internationally accredited lab that has the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded including both NATA and ISO17025 accreditation, so that you can be guaranteed your results are highly accurate. Our laboratory has performed over 300,000 DNA tests using a state-of-the-art genetic identification system. Our paternity test guarantees up to 99.9999% probability if the father is included as being the biological Father of the child and 100% if he is excluded. To protect your privacy, all of our tests are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Our tests can also be performed through non-standard samples such as hair, clothing and cigarette butts. Visit our DNA Forensic Services section for more information.


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How to Order a Paternity Test

Step 1: After looking at the information on our website, you need to choose the type of test that best suits your case. Also view our most recent tests Ancestry DNA Test, DNA Art and Genetic Predisposition Test.

Step 2: For payment by credit card you proceed to place your order online through our secure system. Select the test you require and continue to select the number of participants. Other methods of payment are available and can be viewed at our Payment Options page.

Step 3: After your order has been confirmed, a case reference number will be assigned to you and your DNA testing kit will be dispatched. This kit contains everything required for the test including comprehensive instructions. Visit our visual Sample Collection Guide for information about collecting your own samples. The kit is applicable to all our tests. For a Legal DNA Test a different sample collection procedure is required.

Step 4: After collecting the samples please return them to us in the self-addressed envelope provided with your DNA kit also enclosing the submission forms correctly filled in.

Step 5: Once the lab receives your samples they will be processed and your DNA test results will be emailed to you within 5-7 working days, unless you select our express option for an additional charge. A sample paternity test result is available online.

DNA Testing Information and Tips

easyDNA offers tips on what you need to know about choosing your testing provider. Ensure that the tests are done by an appropriately accredited laboratory, that the level of accuracy is the highest possible and that you are able to receive the highest level of technical support. We recommend that you visit our section DNA Testing Tips for more information.

easyDNA offers baby gender prediction testing to determine the sex of the unborn baby with a simple maternal urine sample.

We also recommend that you visit our section on Frequent Questions for more information about our home DNA paternity test. Once you order the paternity test you will receive our DNA test kit at the address provided.

easyDNA Australia operates from an office at Suite 21, Highpoint Business Centre, 3374, Pacific Highway, Springwood  QLD 4127. easyDNA Australia is an international DNA testing company offering its services worldwide.

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