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Y Chromosome Testing 

A Y chromosome test (Y-STR test) is used to determine if tested males share the same paternal lineage. The cost of the Y chromosome test is $589.

The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son  and has a very low mutation rate as generations go by. If a direct male line can be traced, then all males in that line will have the identical Y chromosome profiles. A Y-STR test is ideal for establishing whether alleged male relatives are really biologically related.

Who would need a Y chromosome test?

  • In the absence of the alleged father for a paternity DNA test, it is possible to test the alleged father's male relatives alongside the alleged father's male child/children to confirm or exclude paternity.
  • This test can be used in cases where brothers want to know if they share the same father.
  • Male cousins can use this test to see if their fathers were brothers or to check if they shared a common Grandfather.
  • In immigration cases, the Y chromosome test can be used to scientifically prove a biological relationship when there are no birth certificates or other legal records.
  • Adopted children who wish to reunite with their birth parents.

How do I order a Y chromosome test?

At easyDNA we offer a full range of  relationship testing starting at only $589.

  1. Go to our Order page, select the Y testing option and the number of people who require testing
  2.  Fill in the required payment information. Your kit will be send upon confirmation.
  3. Using our easy-to-use instructions, collect the DNA samples and send them to our lab for analysis. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit visit our sampe collection guide.

You will receive your DNA test results between 5-7 working days after we have received samples.

For more information on the Y chromosome test contact us or have easyDNA call you.

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