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mtDNA Test (X-SV Maternal Lineage Test)

MtDNA testing is used to determine whether two or more people share the same maternal lineage. The mtDNA test is based on the mitochondrial DNA sequence variation that is passed on from females to their offspring. A mitochondrial DNA test can determine if two or more people are related and share a common maternal lineage. 

The mitochondrial DNA sequencing can be used as a sibling DNA test to confirm if the siblings (male or female) share the same biological mother - thereby confirming whether they are related or not.

About mitochondrial DNA and the test

Males do not pass the X-SV they inherited from their mother to their children.An MtDNA test cannot tell you the nature of the relationship between people (ex. aunt and nephew, sister and brother). it can only establish whether two or more test participants share the same maternal lineage.

As in the Y-chromosome, mitochondrial DNA has an infrequent mutation rate throughout the generations.

The cost of this test starts from as little as $695. The cost will vary depending on how many people are tested.

At easyDNA we offer mitochondrial DNA testing starting at only $695.

How do I go about getting an mtDNA Test?

  1. Go to our Order page. Select your test depending on the number of people being that require testing.
  2. After receiving your request, we will send out a home test kit. Using our easy-to-use instructions, collect the DNA samples and return them for testing.

You will receive your fully comprehensive DNA analysis report in 19-21 working days. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit please visit our sample collection guide.

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