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Expansion of International Management Team by easyDNA

19/04/2009 - Expansion of International Management Team by easyDNA

International DNA relationship testing firm easyDNA has announced the expansion of its international management and marketing team in order to meet the demands of a worldwide increase in business.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 19/04/2009 - easyDNA, a top international DNA testing firm, has announced the expansion of its global marketing and management teams in order to meet the increased international demands for its testing services.

The company now operates from a network of sixteen regional sales offices worldwide, and new recruitment includes expansion in sales and marketing staff throughout Europe, Oceania and North America.  The new managers are experienced in DNA testing and their skills will complement those of the existing senior members of management who offer a minimum of seven years experience in the DNA testing field.

The founder and a director of the company, Andrew Alexander, stated, "the company focuses strongly on ensuring that staff are as highly trained as possible and that our members of management are experienced in DNA testing.  Our objective is, and always will be, to ensure that we offer our clients the highest possible standards of scientific excellence, unparalleled customer service and complete satisfaction with our DNA testing services.

We have found that, while offering test results that are accurate is fundamental to any testing service, DNA testing can be such an emotionally testing experience that customer service is just as important in helping our clients through the process. This is where some other companies fail, but not easyDNA. Here, we understand the trauma and stress that this type of testing can cause with our clients, and we always strive to assist them and respond quickly and sensitively with any of their concerns.  We appreciate the anxiety that can be caused by the situation that led them to have the test carried out and offer the service they need to help them through the testing period.

It is for reasons such as these that we try to make the whole testing procedure run smoothly and quickly, while not involving ourselves in our clients' individual stories or personal lives."

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