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easyDNA Subsidiary Opens in Mexico City

01/09/2009 - easyDNA Subsidiary Opens in Mexico City

Prominent international DNA testing firm easyDNA has continued its expansion into world markets by opening a subsidiary office in Mexico City.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 01/09/2009 – easyDNA, the well-known international DNA paternity testing firm, has continued its worldwide expansion program by opening an office in Mexico City which shall form a base for its DNA testing operations in Mexico and possibly other nearby areas.

The subsidiary will be managed by a Mexican with a local knowledge of the DNA testing market, and who is also a genetics expert, trained and educated in the USA with work experience there and in other Latin American countries. This will enable the office to use that local knowledge of the DNA testing market and expertise in the easyDNA portfolio to offer expert advice to clients and to offer the full range of testing procedures available.

The firm's Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, said, "The response to the opening of this Mexican office has been very encouraging, and appears to have been well received by clients.  We assumed that Mexican clients living close to the USA would be happy to order DNA tests from the USA, but this has proven not always to be the case.

We have found that clients feel more relaxed dealing with a local office staffed by a local expert, and having such an office has led to the success we are now experiencing.  People feel happier dealing with what can be very stressful and traumatic situations by speaking to a local rather than to a remote American office. They can also pay in their own currency and the test kit and the results will be provided in their own language. All of this helps, and we are looking forward to helping many more clients across the country."

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