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DNA Testing & Paternity Testing Starting at $195 for April Only!

This is no APRIL FOOL – for the month of April ONLY – the price for peace of mind Paternity test is reduced to $195.00 and for the Legal NATA test to $450.00. A saving of $100.00 on each test!!!

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Your DNA Test Specialist in Australia

EasyDNA Australia offers you fast and affordable home DNA testing that is highly accurate and confidential. Our DNA tests are conducted with state of the art equipment and are competitively priced making them affordable and accurate. Your samples will be analysed in a NATA and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for your assurance and full peace of mind. We know that doing a DNA test is not a straightforward choice and picking the right company will ensure your peace of mind. So why not choose EasyDNA? Our comprehensive genetic marker DNA paternity test starts from just $295 for testing alleged father and child, and you get your results in just 5-7 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. There are NO EXTRA FEES.

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We offer reliable and quick ISO17025 and NATA accredited tests, with everything done in total and total confidence; we would not expect you to settle for less. We have been in the DNA testing for a solid 9 years and are still amongst the leading companies in Australia, so you can assure yourself that EasyDNA is a company on which you can depend. We understand how emotionally challenging and traumatizing it can be to need or want to take a DNA test. We really do care about every client’s experience with our company, and this is why we place such a strong focus on customer support. You can contact us by email, telephone, live chat, or you can even request a call back system to have us telephone you. To us, every client is unique and every case is different. Why not read our client testimonials?

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Quality is in our DNA. We maintain the highest levels with every DNA test to provide you with a service that is faultless.


With the highest, globally recognised accreditations, you can be assured that we’re operating to the highest standards in the industry.

Customer care

We are a local DNA testing company with a team of experts ready to answer all your questions and guide you throughout the process.

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Our Tests

EasyDNA has a vast range of tests available including relationship testing, health testing, and paternity testing. Tell us your relationship queries, send us your samples and EasyDNA will give you the answers in just a few working days. Samples for many of our tests, including relationship testing, paternity testing, DNA ancestry testing and DNA profiling are generally collected using oral swabs which we provide in a sample collection kit. However, our tests can also be performed through non-standard samples such as hair, clothing and cigarette butts. Visit our DNA Forensic Services section for more information about the many types of samples we test. EasyDNA has also been featured on radio interviews and media all over the world, adding to your reassurance that we are a reputable and trusted company. In channel Seven's popular drama Home and Away, EasyDNA Australia was selected as the trusted DNA testing company to feature in their dramatic DNA paternity test storyline. Click here to watch the scenes on YouTube.

Your DNA Samples

Once your order has been placed for your test, our DNA testing kit will normally be dispatched to you by post and is received within 2-4 business days, depending on where you live in Australia. For further convenience, your kit can also be collected in person from one of our offices with prior arrangement and once your case number has been allocated. Our accredited paternity test for alleged father and child is priced at only $295 with results in only 5-7 working days. This price is all-inclusive and includes the paternity test kit sent by post, sample analysis, and the test report confirming your results. If the father is not available for the test, we can recommend other relationship tests which can help you confirm paternity without actually testing the alleged father. We also offer a highly accurate non-invasive prenatal paternity test if you wish to confirm paternity during pregnancy which has 0% risk for you and your baby. This test can be done at just 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Accreditation and Reliability

You can be guaranteed that your results are as scientifically accurate as they can be. Our DNA testing lab is an internationally accredited lab that has the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded, including both NATA and ISO17025 accreditation. Our laboratory has performed over 300,000 DNA tests using a state-of-the-art genetic identification system. Our paternity test guarantees up to 99.9999% probability if the father is included as being the biological Father of the child and 100% if he is excluded. To protect your privacy, all of our tests are treated in the strictest of confidence.

International Provider

With offices based in both Sydney and Brisbane, EasyDNA is your local DNA test provider and offers you fast and efficient DNA testing services anywhere in Australia including Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. We also recommend that you visit our section on Frequent Questions for more information about our home DNA paternity test. EasyDNA Australia operates from two offices at Level 20, Tower A, Zenith Centre, 821 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW 2067 and Suite 21, Highpoint Business Centre, 3374, Pacific Highway, Springwood QLD 4127. EasyDNA Australia is an international DNA testing company and offers its services worldwide.

What Our Clients Say

Results were very quick from the time of delivery to the lab. It only took 5 days and that was over the Christmas holidays!
Canada, 24th December 2017
The service was beyond my expectations, thank you!
South Africa, 16th December 2017
Thank you for fast results and excellent communication!
United States of America, 8th November 2017
Very satisfied! Even more thrilled that I received the results earlier than expected!
Canada, 4th November 2017
Thank you! You saved my life. I’m not the father! Very fast results came before the date said.
United States of America 01 May 2017