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The results will either suggest that the person tested is more likely to be Caucasian than aboriginal or more likely to have a greater Aboriginal influence than Caucasian.
Your test results will show one of 2 possible outcomes; an inclusion or an exclusion.

If you receive an inclusion, your results will say: It is most likely that the above person is of Aboriginal heritage.

If you receive an exclusion, your results will say: This comparison does not exclude aboriginal heritage however, it is most likely that the above person is Caucasian.

This test is most suitable for people with a suspected Aboriginal heritage quite recently in their family history such as a parent or grandparent however it is case by case.

For example: If a person is say 1/8 aboriginal then the genes associated with that person may have been progressively diluted with the Caucasian genes such that after 3 generations the unique genes may no longer be present. Once a unique gene has been lost from one generation (race) to another it can no longer be regained, unless through further same race relations.

For Sample Reports:

Please click here to see an example of an Aboriginal Caucasian Report.

Please click here to see an example of an Caucasian Aboriginal Report.

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