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Procedure for a legally verified test

In a verified legal DNA test (which is not NATA accredited and cannot be used for changing a birth certificate), adults participating in the test must have their samples collected by an independent third party such as a Doctor or a Nurse and follow what is called a Chain-of-custody collection procedure. This test can be used when people want reassurance that samples being submitted are indeed from the correct people. During the sample collection process identification must be presented and passport photos will also be submitted and this is all documented at sampling.

How does sample collection take place?

Step one: Once your order has been confirmed a Legal DNA Kit will be specifically assigned to your case and dispatched to you within 3 working days. Our Legal DNA Kit contains everything you will need for the test, including submission forms, sampling instructions and the sampling kits.

Step two: You will need to find a Sampler. The sampler is responsible for verifying the identity of the parties being tested and subsequent samples. You are responsible for making this appointment and paying any related fees.

Step three: preparing all necessary paperwork. Here is a list of what you will need to take to your Sampler’s appointment:


  • Each person being tested must provide two passport size photos showing your full face and wearing no hat.
  • Each person being tested must also provide an original ID document that can be checked to confirm identity when sampling (photocopying the ID and signing the back of it with your name, signature and date to enclose with your samples is also recommended) Examples of accepted ID documents: Passport, Full Driver’s License, National Identity Card with photo, Armed Forces ID card, Pass card issued by a Government Department or other photo ID.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate for children tested.
  • Sampling kit and submission forms as provided by EasyDNA.

Step four: identification and DNA sample collection. At your appointment, your Sampler will collect DNA samples from all participants using oral swabs. He/she will seal and label each sample, ensuring that at no time during the process are the participants to come into contact with them. The Sampler will endorse the passport-sized photos you have provided in the following way:

1) “I [Samplers Name] certify that this is a true likeness of … [person’s name]”

2) Sampler’s Signature

3) Date

The sampler will then send samples, forms and photos directly back to our offices in the self-addressed envelope provided in the testing kit.

Note: EasyDNA offers an International Verified Legal DNA Paternity Test that will be admissible in Court providing it is not required for Australian Immigration. A legally verified test cannot be used in cases of immigration or for changing names on a birth birth certificate. If you need the test for immigration purposes we suggest you refer to our NATA accredited testing page by clicking here.

Difference between a home test and a legal test