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Your Maternal Roots: Discover them with an Ancestry Test

EasyDNA Australia specializes in the provision of maternal lineage ancestry testing as well as a range of other ancestry testing services. Our maternal lineage test is a one of a kind test that is specially aimed at providing you with the invaluable information about your ancient foremothers. This lineage test outlines your lineage as far back as one can possibly go, thousands and thousands of years back. Ready to find learn about your roots and discover your ancient maternal genetic relatives?

Our maternal lineage testing service begins from $459. This is for the testing of one person and is an all-inclusive price. There are no hidden costs. Your results will be emailed in 4- 5 weeks commencing from the receipt of samples at the laboratory.

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maternal lineage

About our maternal lineage test

Our test will tell you who your ancient maternal ancestors where (or to be specific which ancestral clans or studied anthropological groups they belonged to). You will also learn their origins, movements and migration routes across the globe and over time.

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Instrumental to understanding your maternal lineage ancestry DNA test is getting a good grasp of the science behind this test. The human genome is made up of 46 chromosomes. Females have 23 XX chromosomes pairs and males have 23 XY chromosome pairs. Now we all know that DNA encodes everything we need for life. But we actually have two type of DNA in our body rather than just 1. We have nuclear DNA of which we carry 2 copies in every cell and which holds around 30,000 genes and we have a second type of DNA known as mitochondrial DNA. Each cells contains thousands of copies of this DNA but mitochondrial DNA carried far fewer genes, in fact only 37. But our MtDNA is a treasure trove of information about our ancient matrilineal heritage.

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MtDNA is matrilineally inherited. Female and male children inherit this type of DNA exclusively from their mothers. Males cannot however, pass this onto their children. This inheritance pattern continues for generations. Two people with the same MtDNA profile are basically, somewhere along the evolutionary line, maternal relatives and share a common maternal ancestor.

Order your test

We can offer maternal lineage test for the price of $459.

This result includes


  • A detailed result which will match you to your maternal haplogroup as well as provide you with a detailed description of all haplogroups.
  • A map, which is personalized according to your result. The map will display the migration patterns and places where your maternal ancestors lived.
  • Other interesting information such as celebrities sharing your same haplogroup, raw data of your analysis and more.

Mitochondrial DNA regions

A mitochondrial DNA test does not require the analysis of your full mitochondrial DNA genome. In fact, we only need to look at very specific areas of your MtDNA as these are the key areas for ancestral research. We refer to these areas as hypervariable regions and we focus on 2 of these HVRs, namely hypervariable region I (16000-16569) and hyper variable region II (1-390). Normally, just the analysis of HVRI region gives us all the genealogical information we need but sometimes we may have to analyse HVRII and even HVRIII.

If you wish to view all possible maternal haplogroups and their descriptions, visit our mtDNA haplogroup page.

Wish to view a copy of the maternal lineage certificate? Click here.

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