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Discovering your true roots

Have you wanted to dig deeper and discover the roots of your ancient forefather? Then why not opt for a paternal lineage ancestry DNA test? Whilst you might be able to carry limited genealogy research into your paternal origins but unearthing your true ancestral roots can only be done with lineage DNA testing. EasyDNA Australia is a leading expert in the field of ancestry testing and has provided countless in-depth DNA analyses, helping people unravel the origins of their forefathers. With paternal ancestry testing you will discover the geographical regions from which your ancestors came, tracing their migratory roots and learning their true origins as well as yours.

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Short tandem repeats of the Y chromosome

To determine paternal lineage we need to analyze the Y chromosome – this is where your forefathers have left their mark. We seek to scientifically determine very specific repeats of DNA sequences which we find on your Y chromosome. EasyDNA will then link these repeated sequences to those of studied paternal haplogroups with your same genetic information (your Human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup)

Paternal ancestry testing is offered at only $275. Results are ready 4 – 5 weeks and send via email.


paternal lineage test map

What is a haplogroup?

A haplogroup is essentially your ancient extended family or ancestral paternal clan – an ancient human paternal family tree. But to understand this better we need to understand how we come to identify these haplogroups genetically. We know as a fact that all humans evolved and migrated out of the vast African plain. Their migration to different geographical zones meant that certain mutations occurred as adaptive strategies; we are now able to trace these mutations which are shared amongst certain groups of people. These paternal haplogroups mark human migration routes.

Our results we show that the individual tested belongs to one of 19 different haplogroups; the genetic information we have for each haplogroup will help us connect you to your ancient forefathers.

Example of information about 2 haplogroups

Haplogroup A: here we have the vastest number of paternal lineages which are especially connected to the African continent. Many of these haplogroups will in fact be focused on communities that resided in what is present day Ethiopia or Sudan.

Haplogroup B: this is the haplogroup to which 2% of African-Americans belong. It is located sparsely over the African continent and found amongst ethnic groups such as the pygmy people.

To see a list of possible paternal haplogroups, and their descriptions, please visit our Y-DNA haplogroup page

Discover your lineage today

EasyDNA offers testing at very competitive pricing. Order your test for only $275.

As a special package, we are offering a Dual Lineage Test (maternal and paternal) for the discounted price of $559. Please note the duo lineage test is only available for male test participants.


  • Your results will tell you your haplogroup affiliation: this is where we connect you to your paternal ancestors
  • You will receive a detailed, personalized, map of your ancestor’s journeys, their migration routes and the places in which they settled.
  • The raw data underlying our test
  • Interesting facts about your own haplogroup. Here you will even get access to information about your extended genetic cousins

Important points about Y chromosome testing

  • Remember that this is an ancestry test that is based on analysis of the Y chromosome. We also offer Y chromosome relationship testing but this is altogether a very different DNA test which simply seeks to establish whether two or more males share the same paternal lineage.
  • The female sex is genetically characterized by 1 XX chromosome pair in every cell. The absence of the Y chromosome makes it scientifically impossible to for a female to carry out a paternal lineage test. Females wishing to discover their paternal line would need to ask a male biological relative to take the test for them.

paternal lineage test tree

View a full-color copy of the paternal lineage certificate by clicking here.

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