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How does it work?

We offer home, legal testing, prenatal testing as well as immigration testing for paternity. EasyDNA has completed successfully more than 300,000 tests in our 10 years of experience. Your user-friendly, home DNA sample collection kit is sent to your preferred address. Kits can be posted anywhere in Australia. Results are sent by email.

Paternity testing services we offer

Home Paternity Test

Order Now $195

Our comprehensive genetic marker home paternity test is the quickest and most accurate way of eliminating all your doubts. A paternity test for alleged father and 1 child is only $295 - there are NO EXTRA FEES. EasyDNA offers you results you can bank on - with a 99.99% accuracy in cases where the alleged father is the biological father, you cannot get more accurate results.

NATA Accredited DNA Paternity Testing

Order Now FROM $450

The NATA DNA paternity testing can be used to settle a range of family related legal matters, for example in child custody cases, to change a birth certificate, inheritance disputes and immigration applications. The NATA accredited paternity test starts from $550 for testing alleged father, mother and 1 child.

Legally Verified Paternity Test

Order Now From $495

Our legally verified DNA test starts at just $495. At EasyDNA Australia all legal DNA testing is performed by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for your assurance and peace of mind.

Immigration DNA Test

Order Now From $595

At EasyDNA we offer DNA testing for immigration purposes. Our ISO 17025 accredited lab works together with an approved Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) / Department of Human Services supplier for immigration DNA testing.

Prenatal Paternity Test

Order Now From $1595

EasyDNA is proud to offer it’s new, non-invasive and risk-free prenatal paternity test. Other prenatal sampling methods such as amniocentesis carry certain risks such as miscarriage - our prenatal test is completely risk free and can be done from 8 weeks of pregnancy! This highly advanced prenatal test can determine paternity with levels of accuracy above 99.9%*.

Discreet Test

Order Now From $145 additional

In cases where it is not possible to obtain the DNA samples through the standard oral swab we supply with our home dna test kit, EasyDNA is able to offer a state of the art DNA Forensic Testing service that is able to process a wide range of discreet DNA samples in order to obtain usable DNA. This is an extra fee on top of the test you order.

Further questions about paternity testing

How do I collect my samples?
What does the cost of a home paternity test include?
Do I need to test the mother?
How accurate is a paternity test?
How do I go about legal DNA testing?
What do I do if the alleged father cannot be tested?

How do I collect my samples?

For home, legal and immigration testing, sample collection is done using one of our kits. If you are doing a home paternity test, you can easily collect samples yourself whilst for legal and immigration testing, you will need a sampler. Collecting samples is easy and painless- it is done through a standard oral swab that is rubbed inside the mouth for ten seconds. No pain and no hassles! Of course the kit will include detailed instructions to follow and you can also obtain more information by visiting our DNA sample collection guide. Just send us your and we will give you the results a few working days later. You can collect your kit in person from one of our offices with prior arrangement and once your case number has been allocated. If you require separate kits to be sent to different addresses or countries then click here. For more information on this service visit we recommend that you also visit our frequent questions section.

Where it is not possible to use mouth swabs, we provide testing through samples such as hair, blood, semen, cigarette butts. Please visit our DNA forensic section to learn more.

What does the cost of a home paternity test include?

EasyDNA offers paternity testing that is fast, accurate and affordable. Our accredited home paternity test for 1 child and alleged Father is priced at only $295. The price includes the DNA testing kit, laboratory analysis and results. Your test results will be ready in 5-7 working days (or 3-4 working days if you choose our express option).

Please note that there may an increased wait time of 7-10 working days for your results if you are providing a discreet/ forensic sample.

Do I need to test the mother?

The home paternity test can be carried out with samples from the alleged father and the child, however we do suggest including the mother’s sample where possible as this could help us give you a more accurate result.

How accurate is a paternity test?

Our Laboratories are NATA, ISO 17025 and AABB accredited which guarantees the quality of our tests. All of our DNA tests are analysed with state of the art genetic identification systems using up to 21 different genetic markers. 15 – 21 Markers are more than sufficient to obtain a paternity result. The results will show that if the Alleged Father IS the biological Father of the Child, the probability will be in excess of 99.99%.  If  the Alleged Father IS NOT the biological Father of the Child, the probability will be 0%.

How do I go about legal DNA testing?

EasyDNA can provide you with legal paternity testing – our test is NATA accredited and the results can be presented in a court of law or to the Australian immigration authorities as evidence of a biological relationship between father and child. Other reasons for doing this test might include: challenging a will, providing evidence in a court of law or changing the name on a birth certificate. The results can be presented to government departments, Family Law Courts and Immigration Services.

What do I do if the alleged father cannot be tested?

If the alleged father cannot be tested, EasyDNA can help you out by suggesting one of the many relationship tests we offer. Thanks to these tests, we can help you get the answer you need by testing relatives of the alleged father but not testing the alleged father himself. We can carry out sibling testing, grandparents testing or aunt/uncle testing. EasyDNA provides full customer support via telephone and e-mail. Our management team has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of paternity testing and are always at hand to assist you with your case. Our laboratories are accredited by both NATA and ISO 17025 so you can rest assured about the quality of your results.