Are my results accredited and how accurate are they?

The accuracy of results depends on the laboratory used by the company of your choice. At EasyDNA all our testing is performed exclusively through an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The ISO organisation is an external body which monitors the processes undertaken by the laboratory.

ISO17025 accreditation therefore guarantees your results are reliable and have been performed to the required international standards. For more information our laboratory.

EasyDNA tests are based on the analysis of 21 genetic markers – other DNA testing companies might use less markers to save on costs and time. Using 21 genetic markers means that, for example, an alleged father will have a 99.99% inclusion of paternity and a probability of 0% should the alleged father have no biological relationship to the child. Such percentages leave no doubt as to whether an alleged father is in fact the biological father of a child or not. For more information about ISO Accreditation please visit ISO accreditation and accuracy.

Will I get adequate assistance and what is your experience?

The company you select for your DNA test should offer proper technical support so as to make sure that the whole process is easily understood. At easyDNA our highly experienced and competent staff will guide you through every step of the process and willingly answer any questions you may have.

In addition, easyDNA is one of the fastest growing international DNA testing brands handling thousands of cases every year. We have over 7 years of experience in DNA Testing. Our experience is guaranteed and at your complete disposal!

I don’t want others to know I’m doing a DNA test

The issue of privacy is very much at the centre of our concerns. When we send kits to the address provided by our clients, we send them in an unmarked envelope. Moreover, when we send results we send them by email or sometimes by post if so ordered by the client. Rest assured that to safeguard your confidentiality we do not give results over the phone (unless otherwise agreed to in advance) as we cannot identify the person on the phone on the basis of a few spoken personal details.

How expensive are these DNA tests?

The price varies depending on the type of test and the company you choose. At easyDNA we offer some of the lowest prices in the market and that are accessible to most pockets. Due to the large volume of testing that we handle every year we are able to pass on some of the savings to our customers by offering very competitive prices.

What does the kit contain?

The kit you will receive contains the swabs, submission forms and the necessary instructions. The kit will be sent to you as soon as payment is received and will be received within two working days. Any kits sent to the northern territory of Australia could take longer. The envelope will not have any markings about easyDNA on it and thus appears similar to any other normal item received in the post. For further insight into how to use the kit review our online DNA testing kit guide.